success stories from clients + subscribers

Holly is amazing! My new brand and website is exactly what I wanted only better! She listened to my likes, dislikes and created a site that everyone who knows me says reflects me and my style so well. My old site was outdated and stale, my new site has been generating interest since the first day it was live. I love my new business cards that Holly also designed (she even helped me with the ordering of those cards). She was super easy to work with and very helpful to someone with little computer knowledge. She walked me through my site at the end so I am able to maintain my own pictures and any add-ons I may need. I highly recommend Holly Casto!
— Sandra Porterfield
Holly absolutely went above and beyond my expectations. As a photographer, I desperately needed to re-brand my website and really wanted it to be romantic and soft to go along with my aesthetic. I sent her my inspiration and once we had everything nailed down she had completely transformed my site within a week! Holly is so detail oriented and does amazing work, I can’t recommend her enough!
— Andrea Rodway
What a great experience it was to work with Holly!! She was very professional, responded to emails and calls very quickly and made this whole process delightful. We only wish we had found her sooner.
— Marcy Radcliffe
Holly did an amazing job with our new website! The finished result is better than we had expected and more accurately represents our organization. We now have a modern, attractive, and user-friendly website that will help our organization grow and thrive for years to come - we could not be happier!
— Sarah Arnold
I am overwhelmed with joy when I think about the education Hollys free resources have provided me with! I get notifications when new ones are posted, including her YouTube videos, and I seriously love everything she teaches. Not only has Holly taught me a lot with her educational material, but she has inspired me to chase my dreams and hustle until I reach them. If you don’t watch her videos and use her resources, you’re missing out. If you want to better your business, spend some time reading her free resources and watching her YouTube videos. You’ll be glad you did!
— Tabitha Paganelli
Holly has been such an inspiration to me as I am starting my own creative small business. I’m so glad I have found her - the resources she provides are essential! She really explains things so that it’s easy to understand - and everything she provides is so well-designed as well, which always makes things better! Thanks so much Holly, I can’t wait to soak up all of your upcoming resources!
— Maggie Jones
The content that Holly has posted on her youtube channel and the content on her website has helped me tremendously! I’m a stay at home mom and I was looking for a way to generate income while taking care of my little one. I found Holly’s youtube channel through the recommendations and she inspired me to “just start.” I have a BFA in Graphic Design and after watching her videos, I thought to myself, “I can do this! I can start my own business online and work from home.” She’s helped me realize that I can invest in myself and be successful at what I love to do the most.
— Sadie McGraw
I’ve been following Holly for quite some time, I loved the way she did business and was so excited for the chance to learn from her on how to run a successful creative business. I learned from Holly’s resource how to build an authentic business that does not have to be reduced to icky sales tactics as well as building an amazing brand following!
— Nenne Akpan
Holly has been an absolute lifesaver! With her super helpful videos and fun blog, she has inspired me from my very first steps of creating my business.
— Melissa Hillman
Holly has helped me so much with her free resources to get organized and focused. She has an incredible YouTube channel with so much information to help you get started. Not only with these resources she is also kind hearted and caring about your success also! How amazing it is to find someone who has had success with an online shop care so much about others. I’m looking forward to so much more of her resources to set up and push my business into a successful direction.
— Jenna Smith
I absolutely love Holly’s videos on YouTube! She explains things in an easy to understand way and gives actionable steps to help grow your business. I’m always learning something new!
— Patty Schuster
Holly’s hard work and passion shines through everything she does for helping like-minded business owners taking the next the step into their own successful future. She has shown me ways for new opportunities to grow my business and has been the largest inspiration for building my courage to a happy and healthy business of my own.
— Ylfa Grönvold
Holly is smart, concise and real. Her advise is easy to understand and free of gimmicks, and perfect for someone starting a small small business as she covers all angles. I’m currently in the process of setting up a blog, sorting out my Instagram, filling out worksheets, basically Holly is hoping me to focus on each area of my business at a time so that I don’t feel overwhelmed!
— Rebecca Kinman
Holly’s resources are so rich in practical business wisdom. Specifically in my case, her worksheets have helped me to think through the math side (AKA my least favorite part) of my creative business in a way that Helps me be more organized, make informed decisions and smarter goals, and work more efficiently! She got me thinking about how to have systems for my business.
— Imani Ackerman
Holly Casto is a superb web designer. Not only did she see surpass my expectations, she fully grasped my vision that I had for my website. Not only does Holly listen to your needs she gives her professional suggestions in such a way that you feel that you are a team working towards the same goal! My website is truly what I had envisioned and more! I give Holly Casto a 5 Star ⭐️ Thank you Holly for making my website exactly what I was hoping for!
— Maria Poole
I knew I wanted to work with Holly as soon as I was browsing her website. I love her clean, fresh, polished touch that she gives to everything! She was super helpful during the whole process of branding my company and anytime I had a question, she was always there to answer. In fact, the whole process was so fun and exciting, I hated to see it end. I highly recommend her and working with her is totally worth the investment.
— Linsee Thomas
Holly was great to work with! She understood my vision and did a great job turning my ideas into designs that fit my brand perfectly! I am very excited to use all the designs she provided me with!!
— Isri Boykin
Holly was amazing to work with! Quick, efficient and so personable at that. I instantly liked her style online, sent an inquiry to her and within that week we had a schedule work date to start my website! I needed someone who could take my ideas and transfer all my content from my old site and get it launched in a timely manner! She did that and more and I honestly would recommend these services to anyone looking for a rebranding, relaunching of a new and updated site! Best investment in my business! Thank you again Holly, I am so so pleased with how everything came out.
— Jonnaysa Kirkham
Your Craft Biz course helped me finally open up the Etsy shop I’ve talked about for years. I’ve learned so many great things such as how to come up with a cohesive product line and find my target audience. I’m excited to see where my handmade business takes me.
— Amanda Rubino
Holly’s monthly challenges have been immensely helpful in understanding the steps it takes to grow a business. Her youtube videos helped me understand what goes on behind-the-scenes. I look forward to a new challenge every month. The free resources have also helped me approach these issues with more clarity. I especially love the 50 blog post ideas, target customer worksheet and cohesive product line workbook. Recommended for new creative entrepreneurs.
— Preethi Viswanathan
I first discovered Holly when searching for online business tips on YouTube. I found her videos very inspiring right away because of the quality of her tips, her friendly personality, and deeply admire her multifaceted talent - from her incredibly stylish and chic designs, her business creativity, and her various avenues in helping her audience. I’ve personally observed and adopted Holly’s business tips and seen an increase in audience engagement and email subscribers in my online business and am so thankful for her very prolific and helpful content!
— Sandra Chen
From beautifying my unique style of packaging to refining my endless list of new product ideas, Holly’s amazing resources have helped me take my handcrafted business to the next level!! Her workbooks are a definite must have for every small business owner who wants to stand out in the crowd.
— Marquia Jones
I love Holly’s website and style of teaching. Everything is very well organized, very clear and easy to follow. I have learned so much from Holly. Her blog and resources have given me the motivation and encouragement that I needed to start my blog. Thank you, Holly!
— Paula M
Three years into running my handmade business, I stumbled across Holly’s videos and found myself binge watching them all in one sitting. She has an excellent teaching style- providing practical tips and valuable knowledge that I’m sure any solo-preneur will find useful.
— Elise Panlilio
Holly’s videos have been a source of calm and reason when I was freaking out a little about starting my shop. I had so many questions and randomly searched the Internet, luckily finding her channel on YouTube. I’m taking a short hiatus now, but will watch more when I’m back from vacation so I can get inspired again. Holly is such a great resource and I highly recommend her videos, whether you’re just starting a creative venture or need more advanced help.
— Deb Smith
I started my online craft business about one year ago and I have so much to learn. Tasks like branding my business, starting my Etsy shop and building myself a website seemed so daunting but I am so happy to have found Holly. Her fab videos, blogs and user friendly resources have made these tasks seem totally manageable and (as importantly) a lot of fun! I still have a long way to go but thanks to Holly’s advice it feels like my dream business is within reach.
— Vicky Holden
Holly’s content, particularly her videos, has really inspired and helped me in developing my own business. I’ve had a tiny jewelry business for some time (dormant for quite a while now), but it’s been unstructured and not cohesive, and although I got some sales it was quite random. After watching Holly’s business tip videos I feel way more inspired and equipped to take my little business to a whole new level!
— Therese Stokkan