Rebranding | Collateral + Social Media

Rebranding | Collateral + Social Media

The last steps in my rebranding project were creating the business collateral and styling my social media profiles (you can read more about my rebranding project here and here). 


I was really excited to incorporate some of the patterns from my brand board into my business card design. I played around with a few different ideas. I had a design with a full triangle pattern on the back, but I realized that I wanted my business cards to be more professional looking, while still implementing my fun branding style. I want to be able to give out my cards to a variety of client types, so I went with a slightly less colorful look with subtle pattern accents rather than a full on bright pattern (please note, I have blocked out the phone number on the front of the card).

I decided to create 4 different color options (I ordered 25 of each) because my brand is quite colorful, but this way the color is given one at a time. I thought this would be a clever way to play with the colors of my brand without going overboard.


Rebranding | Collateral + Social Media

When it came time to implement my brand identity into my social media pages, like Facebook, I simply used my logo mark in aqua (my main brand color) for the profile picture. I found a stock photo that I thought fit my brand well, and contained colors from my color palette (neutrals + a pop of blush and pink) for my cover photo. I carried that same look throughout the rest of my social media networks.


One of the most important parts of this rebrand for me was incorporating my shop branding into my personal brand. 

I wanted the look of my shop to flow seamlessly into the look of my personal brand (blog, design work, youtube, etc). I created a logo in the same fonts as my personal brand logo, with a similar circle element. I sort of switched the main font and accent font, so that the logos look distinctly different, but still complement each other. The color palette for both brands is the same, but the shop brand uses blush as the main color, where as light aqua is my main personal brand color.

Rebranding | Incorporating a shop brand into personal brand

I also designed new packaging stickers for my shop, using the triangle element that I have used throughout a lot of my brand identity. I placed the C&G logo and other information in simple type for a nice clean look.

Rebranding | Collateral + Social Media

And with that, my rebranding project is complete!

I am so happy with how everything turned out. Taking the time to go through the entire branding process was so worth it because now I have a completely unique brand that will stand the test of time. 

Are you working on branding your business or blog? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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