4 Ways To Combine Your Passions Into A Business

I've always had multiple passions. I had a really hard time choosing a major in college, choosing a career, etc. The thought of just doing one thing all day every day made me feel completely bummed out and kind of trapped. The same thing applies with my business. So, I've learned some ways to combine the things that I'm interested in and I thought I would share some of what I've learned in this post.

If you are multipassionate too, here are 4 ways to combine your passions into a business:


1. Carve out your own niche by combining your interests.
If you love photography and you're a foodie, you could be a food photographer! If you love social media and nutrition, you could do social media management for companies in the health and wellness industry. This doesn't work for every type of business but if it does work for you, this is a great strategy because it really makes you stand out in your industry.

2. Choose 1 passion with multiple subjects.
This option requires you to choose one passion, usually writing, photography, blogging, etc. and create content on a variety of subjects. You'll never get bored because you can create tons of different types of content in the same medium. 

3. 1 big passion with lots of different communications forms. 
This is the opposite of option 2. So, you take one thing that you're really passionate about, like fitness for example, and then you can do many things around that passion, like sports photography, coaching, or marketing for gyms. If you are passionate about environmental issues, you could start a nonprofit, start a blog, start a youtube channel, etc. 

4. Use 1 passion as a way to support a second passion.
This is more for people who are wanting to transition from one career to another or explore a new passion. For example, if you're a graphic designer and you want to transition into photography, you could use your design skills to give your new photography business a boost by designing your logos, business cards, etc. 

Are you multipassionate? How do you juggle your different interests? Let me know in the comments! xo