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New Office Inspiration |

In case you missed the announcement, we bought a house!

I'm so excited to move into our very own place (we've been renting for a long time). I am too paranoid to share a photo of the outside of our house, but it's a victorian and it's cute as a button. There are so many things that I'm looking forward to with the new house, but I think what I'm most excited for is my new office.

In our current house, Wes and I have a shared office on the first floor, which I thought I would love because it's so convenient to the other parts of the house. But I actually don't like it at all because when I have calls with clients or need to film I have zero privacy, and inevitably right when I answer a call, the mailman will go by and Chester will lose his mind (a barking dog is super professional right?).

In the new house, I'm going to use the smallest bedroom for my office. It's one of those tiny bedrooms that you often find in old houses, which is the perfect size for what I'm wanting. I'm in a phase of my business where I have no inventory, so I just need really minimal and clean so that I can focus and do creative work.

Here is a look at what I have been pinning as inspiration for the new office.

As you can probably tell, I'm loving the simple midcentury look. I would love to just get the desk and chair from the first two photos, but they're a little out of my price range so I'll have to find something similar. I've also been thinking about doing a dark accent wall (like the last two photos), or maybe even a chalkboard wall, with all of the other walls pure white. I know that the chalk wall trend is sort of over, but I could see it being useful, and chalkboard paint is the perfect slate color that I'm wanting.

I plan on purchasing some new stuff for my office soon because my giant Ikea Expedit shelf-desk isn't really necessary any more and all of the clutter is driving me crazy. Are you like that? I can't focus or get anything done in a cluttered, messy environment. I'll write another post soon once I know what I'll be getting for the new office.

Anyone have any tips for where to find affordable midcentury style furniture? Thoughts on a chalkboard wall? Let me know in the comments please!


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