Summer Bucket List

strawberry picking

Wes and I were chatting last night and realized that, since having Charlie, if we don’t schedule / plan things, they simply don’t get done anymore. Before becoming parents, we would pretty much be spontaneous about most things and rarely ever went by any type of schedule. But now, we just can’t do that anymore or the time gets away from us and we realize that we didn’t do what we were hoping to do. So with that in mind, we created a little list of things that we want to do this summer. A lot of them are really simple, but having it in writing helps us to remember the activities we want to do as a family this year.

  • strawberry picking

  • have a picnic at the park

  • take Charlie to a playground with baby swings

  • go to the pool

  • eat watermelon

  • make strawberry jam

  • play with bubbles

  • finger paint

  • rent a cabin on a lake

  • go fishing

  • get a hammock

As we check off each activity, I will try and share photos here on the blog. We actually checked off the first one last week as you can see from the photo above - picking strawberries! What is on your summer bucket list?