Pacing Yourself Is Creative Kryptonite

pacing yourself is creative kryptonite

I read something the other day that totally changed the way that I think about creative projects.

If I was inspired to start a new creative project, I used to feel like I needed to pace myself. In the same way that you might pace yourself with a workout or a tedious data entry assignment, the thought is that you should work at it "little by little", rather than doing too much too fast and getting burnt out. 

This is simply not true for creative projects. Why? Because creative projects are fueled by inspiration.

Work on your creative projects when you are inspired to do so; when you're in the mood. If you are inspired to write a song or paint a picture or write an e-Book, do it now! I know that there have been times in the past when all that I wanted to do was work on the project that I had in mind. It was all that I could think about. I would have stayed up all night to work on it if I could, but often times I would think, "No, I shouldn't to do too much now. I'll just do a little bit each day." But with creative projects, don't worry about being too obsessed! It's that inspiration and obsession that will help you to create something really wonderful. Pacing yourself only leads to time passing and that wonderful feeling fading away - use it while you can!

Now that I have this helpful piece of information, I work on creative projects when I'm in the mood to work on them, which is so freeing and also helps me to get more done. If I'm inspired to write a blog post or decorate my living room or crochet a blanket, I get started on it and work on it like crazy, while the inspiration fuel is working the most.

I hope this helps you creatives to get more done with your days! Conventional wisdom for conventional jobs just doesn't usually apply to creative work. There is no benefit to pacing yourself with creative projects. Just go!

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