May Challenge: Start an Email Newsletter

May Challenge: Start an email newsletter for your business |

So...let's just go ahead and pretend that you didn't notice that I missed the April Challenge, okay? We'll just say that I gave you last month off so that you could do some spring cleaning and get ready for THIS month's challenge because it's a super important one.

The May Challenge is....

Start an Email Newsletter for your business.

Why? I wrote all about it in this post, but in case you missed it,

1. Email has the highest ROI (return on investment) of any platform. Every dollar that you spend on email marketing has a return of $44.25. And it has three times higher conversion rates (meaning that the reader actually clicks through) than social media! It's 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter.

2. With email addresses, you're getting direct access to your customer's inbox and you can be sure that they will see it (even if they end up deleting it). With social media and blogging, you really can't guarantee that everyone is going to see your post or your information

3. Your email followers are engaged and loyal. It really doesn't take much to click "like" or "follow" on someone's social media account. But taking the time to give a company your email address means that you really want to hear more from this person / organization. Your email subscribers want more of what you're selling!

Now sure how to start? I recommend checking out Mailchimp (that's what I use). Then start sending out emails to your followers! I have been slacking lately on sending emails, so I will be participating in this challenge with you guys.

Are you going to take the May Challenge? Let us know over on the HC Hustlers Facebook Group!