February Challenge: Start a Blog (& January Challenge Review)

February Challenge: Start a Blog | Monthly Challenges for Online Business Owners at hollycastocreative.com

How did you do with the January Challenge? Based on the feedback in the Facebook group (sign up for my email list to join!), it seems that most of you got your 3 goals narrowed down. Here are a few goal lists that I loved:

Goals: 1 - at least 6 craft fairs (so at least one every other month) 2 - develop two patterns this year (one stuffed animal, one wallet) 3 - improve my Etsy’s photos for all listings.
— Ashley
1. Launch a product line of original products
2. Launch and market an online store to supplement the magazine
3. Grow readership to at least 100k site visits in 2016. (10k in 2014, 40k in 2015).
— Sarah
1. Streamline my business = less touches 2. Grow Email List (SO close to 1000!!!) 3. Increase attendance of my monthly trainings
— Kristin
My goals are:
1. Start a blog about my business
2. Create 2 new product lines for my online shop
3. Set up an editorial calendar every single month and stick to it.
— Jaroslava


Doesn't it feel so good to go into the new year with a plan? Okay, now onto the next month!


For February, your goal is to start a blog for your business. I have written before about what blogging can do for your business and I really believe that it's a great way of humanizing your brand and getting people more interested in what you're all about.

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If you already have a blog, your challenge is to come up with a blogging plan to help you post consistently and really focus on creating content that will grow your business. I will write more about this topic throughout the month.


Check out my big list of blog post ideas over in the free resources library. Sign up for my email list to access the entire library of business resources. You'll also get a link to my Facebook group where you can talk about your blogging struggles & wins with other creative entrepreneurs. Hope to see you there, and Happy February!