Why You Should Know Your Target Customer Like The Back Of Your Hand (& a free exercise if you haven't got a clue!)

Why You Should Know Your Target Customer Like The Back Of Your Hand (& a free exercise if you haven't got a clue!) | http://hollycastodesign.com

Last week's post covered the importance of having a very targeted niche for your online shop. Part of that process is defining your target customer.

I attribute a large part of my early online shop success to the fact that I took a few hours one weekend and made a huge list of all of the traits of my target customer. I knew that chick like the back of my hand. I knew where she shopped, how old she was, what types of shows she watched on TV. We were basically besties.

Because my background is in marketing, I knew the importance of having a laser-focused target customer. It made all the difference in getting my shop off the ground. Here are the main reasons why getting to know your target customer is super important.

1. You'll Know Where To Find Them

...not in, like, a creepy way. But the more you know your target customer, the more you'll know where they hang out, shop, what types of blogs they read, how they spend their time, etc. Without that information, marketing your shop becomes a guessing game. But with that information, you can strategically invest your time and money into marketing that you know will work.

2. You'll Know How To Connect With Them

The language of your copy, the photography that you use, and the social media networks that you implement are very different for, say, a 65 year old male target market than a 13 year old female target market. The better you know your target customer, the easier it will be to reach out to them in a way that they will connect with and pay attention to.

3. You'll Know Which Products To Sell (& Which Not To!)

As my online shop grew, I often ran into decisions about products to add and directions to go with my business. But because I had a straightforward and clear idea in my mind of who my customer was, making those types of decisions was a breeze.

Does having a focused target customer mean that your market will always have to stay true to that? No, your target market can grow as your shop grows.

Does it mean that you'll never get customers who are outside of your target market? Absolutely not, and that's totally fine! When it comes to customers, the more the merrier, amiright?

It just means that you'll approach your marketing efforts and details of your brand in a focused, clear way. You'll be able to find customers who will love your business, and your shop will present itself clearly. People will GET it, and getting it leads to buying it.

Are you a little foggy about who your target customer is?

Are you making the common newbie mistake of being like, "My target market is EVERYONE in the WHOLE WORLD"? (we've all been there)

Don't sweat it - I got you.

Check out my FREE worksheet, Get To Know Your Target Customer, a brainstorming exercise to learn your target customer so well that you'll feel like he / she is your lifelong bestie.

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