How To Find a Niche That Attracts Super-Fans And Sky Rockets Your Sales

How To Find a Niche That Attracts Super-Fans And Sky Rockets Your Sales

In the three years since I opened my online business, I've learned a lot. Oh, the things I would tell myself if I could go back in time!

When I first opened shop, I knew that I needed an ideal target market but other than that, I really didn't understand the importance of a niche. I created all kinds of different products. I wanted my grandmother, friends from college, husband, and neighbor down the street all to be able to find something that they loved in my online shop.

Big mistake.

If you have an online business, the worst thing you can do is try to please everyone. Think of it this way: if you're looking for an ugly Christmas sweater (for a festive example), would you rather check around at several various clothing retailers' websites on the off chance that they carry an ugly sweater that you would like, or would you rather go to an online shop that carried nothing but tons of different styles of ugly sweaters? I don't know about you, but I would rather go to the ugly sweater shop that carries loads of different styles and specializes in that one type of product. For the niche group of people looking for the perfect ugly Christmas sweater, they're going to arrive at that site and say, "YES. This is what I was looking for," and that, my friend, is how you get sales.

Now, it may seem risky to open an ugly-sweaters-only shop. What about all the people who don't like ugly sweaters, or have no interest in ugly sweaters? That is the most common fear that people have when creating their niche: "If I choose this super-targeted niche, I'll be excluding all of these other people!". But in the world of online businesses, that doesn't matter. It's better to get an entire group of a small niche than it is to try and be everything to everyone, and in the process, no one actually falls in love and makes a purchase.

On top of that, there's this little thing called SEO that is enormously important for online businesses. So, if you have an ugly Christmas sweater shop, when people search for "ugly Christmas sweaters", your shop is going to come up toward the top in Google. If you have a shop with lots of different things, it's harder to show up in searches.

It's the same for blogging. "Lifestyle blogs", or blogs with lots of different topics (recipes, fashion, decorating, etc.) are the hardest type of blogs to get off the ground. Most of the "famous" lifestyle blogs that you probably read and love were started way back before blogging became as popular as it is now. So, if you want to create a successful blog in today's world, your best bet is to have a really targeted niche.

Find your niche,  then niche some more. Niche 'til you can't niche no more (nothing like a spontaneous rap midst blog post - you're welcome).

Don't just be a food blogger; be a gluten free desserts blogger.
Don't just sell stationery; sell intricate letterpress Christmas cards.
Don't just sell apparel; sell modern, hand-lettered tee shirts for college athletes.

Or in my specific example...
Don't just create a gift shop; create an inspirational gift shop for creative female entrepreneurs.

See what I'm saying? Trust me, this is the secret that takes potential customers from "it's okay" to "I WANT IT ALL".


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