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You may not know this about me, but one of my dreams in life is to have a little farmhouse right outside of town. There is country farmland in both mine and my husband's families (although they're both waaaayyy out of town), and my husband and I actually got married in a barn!

My dreamer, INFP self loves to romanticize about living in a gorgeous, all-white farmhouse with butcher block countertops and hydrangeas everywhere, waking up in the morning to have coffee on the wraparound porch and gathering some fresh eggs from the chickens for our breakfast. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to this lifestyle!

So when Rachel from The Little Homeplace approached me to do her brand design, I couldn't have been more thrilled. Rachel is a super sweet farm-girl in Idaho, and we clicked right away. Her brand is all about the simple things in life: her faith, country living, and paying homage to the lost art of homemaking. I love all of those things myself, and designing her brand seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to live out my farmhouse fantasy for a short while.

Rachel has a blog as well as a shop, where she sells handmade home goods and decor. My goal with her branding was simplicity. I wanted her brand pieces to reflect what she's all about and complement her products without competing with them. I also wanted to make sure that I gave her lots of logo options, since she had so many different pieces of her brand (both physical and digital).

Farmhouse Style Brand Board | The Little Homeplace | Brand Design by Holly Casto:

I came up with a black and white logo with a subtle organic element, and then three alternate logos that she can use for her social media, packaging, and anything else that she needs to put a stamp on. I tried to keep the vision of a modern farmhouse in mind when creating the logos. I didn't want it to be too old fashioned or rustic, because Rachel is young and has a modern sense of style. So I tried to "hint" at her brand's lifestyle without being super "in-your-face" and literal. I think we accomplished the right vibe, and I absolutely love seeing her logos in action on her Instagram.

Be sure to go check out Rachel's website and shop if you want to get serious farmhouse envy, or maybe just get back to the simple things in life.

What do you think of this brand design? Do you also have dreams of living in a farmhouse? :) Let me know in the comments! If you'd like to work with me on your brand design, just click here!

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