How to Start Making Money on Etsy in the Next 30 Days

How to Start Making Money on Etsy in the Next 30 Days

What is your New Year's Resolution? Will 2016 be the year that you open your own business on Etsy, and start living the life you've been dreaming of?

I've had jobs that I didn't care about, and it's a horrible feeling. If you were born with creativity and drive, it is so discouraging to feel like you are wasting your time and not living up to your potential. Maybe that's where you're at right now. If so, let's make this the year that you make some big changes and take control of your own career and life.

Once you've made that decision, the last thing that you want to do is waste precious time. You've got to get educated, get a plan, and get going!

1. Lay the Foundation

You can't build a house without a strong foundation, and you can't (well, you shouldn't!) build a business without careful planning and strategy. Take this time to write a simple business plan, come up with a business name that fits your long-term business goals, and get all of your legal and financial information ready to go. Get a logo and banner image (doesn't have to be fancy) that reflect your products, and the vibe that you want your shop to have. Be sure that you have answers to the questions, "Who is your target customer?" and "What is your niche?".

2. Prep & Get Organized

You don't want to wait for your first sale to come in, and then panic trying to figure out how to ship out the order. Get a shipping station set up in your home, and purchase all of the necessary supplies. This is also a great time to come up with checklists and forms so that you are ready to order materials from suppliers when you run out, and so that you can keep your inventory organized.

3. Create Listings That Get Sales

Too many people click "publish" on their listings before they should. Take the time to create clear and attractive listing photos that will make your products stand out. Brainstorm enticing product descriptions, and generate traffic-building tags and keywords. Take a look at your prices - are you charging enough to make a profit and/or to eventually sell your items at wholesale to retailers? These are all steps that will pay off for you in the long run.

4. Get The Word Out

You've got a beautiful product line and a fab-looking shop - it's time to shout it from the rooftops! Be intentional about your marketing efforts, however, and use platforms and networks where your target market hangs out. Don't waste your time telling people who aren't interested in the first place.

By the way, I'm currently launching my first course, Craft Biz 101, which walks you through the process of planning out your Etsy store, developing products that people want, shipping and fulfilling your products, and getting consistent traffic to your shop.

The course includes 20 lectures, with step-by-step video tutorials, worksheets, and more. I'm taking you start-to-finish through the process of opening your Etsy store the right way from the very beginning. This is the information that I wish I would have had when I first opened my online store, and some insider tips that will give you and your business a head start.

Hope to see you there!