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Monday Motivation |

Quote Source: @JMSTORMQUOTES on Instagram and his Etsy shop

I came across this quote on Instagram the other day and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I felt like it was so relevant to the way that I've been feeling lately. You online business people know what I'm talking about - there is SO. MUCH. ADVICE. out there on how to make a quick buck or how to be more successful FASTER and lately I've just been feeling like....enough already! I honestly don't care that you made $100k in 2 weeks by selling online courses or that you make $500k every month on Amazon etc. etc. I just want to make stuff that I love and work with / connect with nice creative people. So I guess my message for you guys is - you've gotta listen to yourself. Don't do what some "expert" tells you to do if it doesn't feel right for you. What good is it to make a lot of money at something that you hate or aren't proud of? Personally, that's not my definition of success.

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